Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Who you calling Shorty?

And one more thing...

I don't really know where to start.

The Dems are using their collective power to make some early statements about who runs the country and who owns the country and which guy should stop issuing signing statements in order to circumvent the rule of law and thereby drive a stake into the heart of the U.S. Constitution. I am distressed by how few people even give a shit about those "little things" like the Geneva Conventions (which we embraced when we were pretty sure we were the good guys), the Writ of Habeas Corpus (when "freedom" referred to something besides the freedom of mass consumption), and the system of Checks and Balances.

As the hastily erected cheap movie sets hiding the true engines of the "War on Terror" crumble, it is slowly dawning on us all that the world is big (but not big enough) and resources are getting scarcer (especially if we have to share with the Chinese and the Indians and every other emerging market) and that science may actually explain all the stuff the Bible doesn't mention, and that our best hope is to ... what?

Personally, I have been a mess of late.

Those of you who know my Old Dad probably know he had (successful) surgery for colon cancer last Fall, celebrated his 80th birthday with a great party, but then spent the rest of the year in the hospital, and even though he's back home he is m-o-o-o-v-i-n-g s-l-o-w-l-y. Mom has handled it all pretty well, and they are (as all of northern European descent can attest) doing "good."

Also this Fall, I failed a sleep apnea test, had my first MRI of my head, (which revealed a very small pituitary adenoma which will be rechecked in six months since all the bloodwork and functional testing was normal) followed recently by an incredible lower back spasm that had me thinking "Kidney Stone" but turned out to be a good old fashioned- lower back spasm. Today I was able to stand up straight with only a deep dull ache for the first time in eight days.

My clinical work is challenging. Thankfully, it is still interesting and rewarding despite the repetitive nature of what I do. Administrating is a mixed bag of "things I like to do" and "things I don't like to do." The optical shop is slowly evolving and may one day be rewarding, too.

I did not reveal much hunting prowess this year (as in I shot one pheasant rooster and exactly no deer) and I'm planning a couple of ice fishing excursions but certainly won't hold my breath waiting for a fresh "catch of the day."

The guys are wonderful and fascinating and bright and extremely aggravating pretty much simultaneously. We've managed one snowboarding trip but awaiting more snow as the winter continues.

My lovely wife and I are struggling to be a better "Us" rather than just "Me and You." We don't make enough time to be together that isn't work. Haul the kids to school, help with practices, make sure the homework gets done, oversee the projects, supervise the ... all you parents know that of which I speak.

Did I mention I have Golf Fever? Snow on the ground and I'm thinking about strolling around a course searching for my (lost?) ball. I think I will organize a "Grew up in Minot with you guys" kind of golf outing this year.

So that's my update. I swear that I actually feel pretty good, and may just start posting a tad more regularly. I've got all kinds of crap I've been ruminating about. Hope to talk to you all soon.