Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Friday, December 29, 2006

Who you calling Shorty?

Who you calling Shorty?

I ran across a most peculiar little name generator online, which has given me my official TITLE. So check it out.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Viscount Steven the Portable of Throcking in the Hole
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Good people die everyday....

Got a note today from an old friend saying his Mother had died yesterday. I've already written to him but not sure I said exactly what I wanted (or meant) to say.

This lady's name was Eunice, and she was the classiest, sweetest woman I have ever met. I met her when I was a seventh grader, and I'd never had an adult treat me like she did. She would ask me real questions (politics, religion, stupid teenage-boy stunts, etc.) and then actually listen to my answer. Needless to say, coming from a home where for the most part kids were not supposed to be seen or heard, this was a life-altering event.

She opened my eyes in many ways; she was one of the first women (besides teachers and nuns) I'd ever met who worked outside the home; she was opinionated but open-minded; she taught me how to interact with adults (I was very shy) and also how to interact with kids when I was the adult.

She loved her husband Joe, and she loved her three sons in spite the fact they were all so different from each other. She told me she trusted me to be her son's best friend, and with the exception of a couple of really stupid moments (on my part) her trust was well placed.

I hadn't talked to her for almost a year, but I said my goodbye every time I talked to her. She had been in failing health and struggling with Alzheimers, and a compassionate person could see and hear that she was tired of this life.

I'm reminded of a poem where "the Creator thins the herd" and the last lines are simple:

"What message should we take home from this?
Live every day like it is your last."


Eunice, rest in peace. And thanks for all the love and advice.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Other things I forgot...

I recently spent a long weekend in Grand Forks with the family. I was at a continuing education conference for two days and Tami did some stuff with the guys. The highlights of the weekend were:

1. Sunday brunch with Todd and Christie, whom we haven't seen for a couple of years. They are doing well, still teaching and teaching. We are going to try to get together next summer in GF at a soccer tourney and later in Bismarck for some golf.

2. A Prairie Home Companion was live from the Chester Fritz, and Tami and I always love to see and hear Garrison Keillor. Hunter really liked the live music and skits, and Luke and Will both "sorta" liked it.

3. Watched the Fighting Sioux beat Michigan Tech Friday night at the Ralph Engelstad arena. Great venue, even our nosebleed seats were pretty decent. Boys got to see good hockey and experience drunks on the bus ride back to the hotel. (Hunter: "Dad, I'm really glad you only had one beer. Most of these guys are really being stupid.")

4. Family time. Nothing like being cooped up in a motel room and/or a minivan with three grade-school age boys. Tami is nearly recovered.

My friend Cameron from work is interested in homebrewing, too, so maybe I'll have somebody to join forces with since the R@fink continues to live 106 miles away.

Monday, March 13, 2006

My most recent flimsy excuse....

This is a true story. About three weeks ago, I went to my cardiologist and got a very good report. Then I decided I should get myself in better shape. 3 days after that I have Pneumonia, and haven't been worth a shit since! I'm finally recovering but a long way from !00%.

In the meantime, I finally got my homebrew catalog from The Northern Brewer, and I'm very excited to get my kit together and do some homebrew.

We did manage another day of snowboarding,but the snow has been crappy (or nonexistent) most of the winter. Maybe next year.

Coaches meeting for Soccer on the 28th. The first tournament in the first weekend of June so lots of work to do. Luke and Will will be playing together for me on the U10 team, and Hunter will play for the Capital City U12 team.

Recently watched the DVD from the BRHS76 20th reunion,and I've been through the website. Nice work y'all. I do have a conflict with the July reunion weekend dates as I'll be in Fargo for the State Soccer tournament Friday thru Sunday.

Which got me thinking...It's time I got my own DVD filled with pix and history and stuff. If I actually get it done I'll send it to Terry. Never let opportunity slip by....

Friday, January 27, 2006

Which National Anthem?

I've been seething of late about the current Administration's abuses of American freedom. Instead of "enforcing" the law of the land, the President and his posse have just been "makin' and interpretin' those laws" on their own.

In light of the upcoming Winter Olympic games, where some American citizen will win a gold medal and thereby earn the right to mouth the words to "The Star Spangled Banner" on national television, I am proposing a (national) contest to rewrite the words to the national anthem to better reflect our current situation.

At a minimum, you must find something to replace "...the land of the free, and the home of the brave."

Just send me your ideas in the comment section, I'll do my best to sift through and pick out the New and Improved Anthem. If it's really good, I'll send it to one of my favorite blogs where they actually have readers!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Okay, so I've not been diligent about posting...somebody's got to keep the economy going so our Preznit can continue to spy on "free and brave" American citizens- oh wait, Karl told him to call it terrorist surveillance, which does not give me the same warm fuzzy feeling I got when he said "No Child Left Behind" or "I'm the education Preznit."

Be that as it may, I've survived the Holidays, the family time, and the playoffs. Now it is time to snowboard! But, of course, we have no snow. I've been tracking the snow reports for Red Lodge and Bridger Bowl, and will just have to go on short notice whenever it actually snows. The boys are all outfitted and ready to go, just need a little cooperation from the snow gods.

On the mundane side, several employees have moved on to greener pastures (that is not a slam) but it has meant wading through hundreds of applications, narrowing the field, interviews, rehashing, finally hiring, realizing one of those was (gasp!) a mistake, rehiring....oh, you get the idea. I think I've got it under control but I'm not holding my breath, either. The "well oiled machine" takes a lot of oil, maintenance, and parts.

The Future? Not too long until the summer soccer season starts. I'll be coaching Luke and Will on their U10 team, and Hunter will play with the same team but in the U12 division. No big vacations planned (yet). Not sure if they'll all play baseball, too.