Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Sunday, April 25, 2010


So the place to be on Friday April 23rd was the clubhouse at The Hawktree Golf Club in Bismarck. There 65 of the greatest friends and family had gathered to celebrate the Earthgirl's 50th Birthday.

The preparations had been long in the making, but the secret was kept (and covered) by timely phone calls and polite conversations. Earthgirl had no clue when we walked in to a raucous "Happy Birthday" cheer.

It was a magnificent setting with sunny skies and a great view of the golf course. The boys and friends could run off a little steam outside, the food was great, and the company could not have been better.

The boy's got her a gift of a beautiful Mother's ring which she was not expecting (thanks Sandi!), and despite their shy ways you could tell they were happy for their Mama.

The Bud Light was cold and flowing, the conversations were wide ranging and interesting, and I think everyone had a pretty darn good time.

After the big party had moved on we met old friends Mike & Rita, Hubie, Terry & Julie, and Pat & Sharon at BWW for trivia. Unwisely, I didn't stop drinking and paid for it with a vicious hangover on Saturday. Needless to say, another teachable moment for the parent of teenage boys.

It was a truly great evening, thanks to all of you who were able to attend, and to all who were there in spirit. If anybody reads this and wants to email me your best pictures I will gladly post them. Anybody get a good shot of the Cake?
I can hear you now Terry- "There was Cake?"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy EARTH DAY Birthday, Earth Girl!!!!

So at our house the big deal on April 22nd is not 40 year old Earth Day but 50 year old Earth Girl. The boys and I will be taking her out for a very nice dinner tonight to celebrate but since it is a school night (and Hunter has to be on a Bus to Jamestown at 5:30 a.m. Friday morning) any serious Birthday partying will have to wait for the weekend.

Not to get all somber but 50 really is a big deal: a lot of life lived, but lots (we always hope) left. From those humble beginnings in towns like Niobe, Four Buttes, Wolford, and Rolla this beautiful girl got herself an edu-ma-cation at Minot State University and went forth unto the world. The resume is diverse: Television news, academic administration, Airline agent, and most importantly MOM.

All the hard work, all the joys, all the pain, all the uncertainty (what do you mean they don't come with an owner's manual?), the days you couldn't be prouder vs. the days you wonder if human beings do spontaneously combust: Life can be pretty but it is sure as hell messy, too.

I can only tell her that I love her, that my life would not be anything like it is now without her, that "WE" are the best and most important part of my life, that our family makes it all worthwhile and worth waiting for.

I hope to enjoy all the rest of your birthdays with you darlin'.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Baseball Begins

Hunter had a fine start to his JV baseball career. Century beat Mandan 11-4, and he had 2 singles and a walk and caught all five innings (and 4 different pitchers). This was his first game in almost 3 years as he skipped Babe Ruth ball because it interfered with summer soccer, so I think he is really excited to play again.

His 1.000 batting average only lasted until the top of the fifth in the 2nd game when he hit a broken bat liner to the shortstop. Mandan won the 2nd game 4-1.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Snow/Slush Day

The Living Museum

Thursday, April Fool's Day, was "The Day At The Living Museum" for the 6th graders. I had the distinct honor of chauffeuring both a young Winston Churchill and notorious mass murderer and despot Josef Stalin to school.

And there who would we meet? Not one but TWO Jesus Christs, Galileo, Leonardo, John Lennon, and on and on. On the whole most were very well done and the kids knew their characters well.

A certain percentage were "mystery characters" and you could get up to three clues as to the person's identity. I was rolling at 6 for 6 until I met an obviously young Egyptian woman who turned out to be King Tut's wife (and half sister) the ever popular Ankhesenamun. How is that for a trivia stumper.