Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Friday, July 01, 2011

My Summer Vacation....

Off to MPLS/St.Paul for a fun filled weekend of baseball, eating, and drinking. We'll watch the Twins try and right the ship on Saturday and Sunday against the Brewers, and make necessary stops at Cossetta's, Saigon Kitchen, Ted Cook's 19th Hole, Sawatdee, and Cafe Latte. Let's see, that's Italian, Vietnamese, Barbecue, Thai, and Dessert. Oh the Joy!

We'll be staying with our longtime friend MaryPat and lovely daughter Winnie and taking the first trip with someone's girlfriend.

Haven't been keeping up, but the City of Minot is suffering from the worst flood in recorded (i.e. white man) history. The childhood home is sitting in 6-7 feet of water, and thank Zeus or Allah or whomever's in charge my Mom sold it a year and a half ago so we no longer have any family in the flood plain. 10,000+ human beings were not as fortunate.

Work is a little wierder than usual but can't really pass along any info until the lawyers have stopped chewing on the bones...

Life really is grand. Shitty, shitty weather for the last 9 months, still considerable risk of flood here in Bismarck as record snow melt hits the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers, Boys are great, handsome, and trying to play the beautiful game.