Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Snowboarding Vacation

So we drive to Bozeman over spring break, and the snow is okay for late winter and we all go Saturday, and then Will gets sick and he and Tami stay home and then Luke is getting sick but toughs out Monday only to get wretchedly ill on the way home and is diagnosed with Influenza A at the ER Tuesday night. Now everybody except Hunter is sick. Not the perfect end to a bit of family time.

My only real crash was getting off a chairlift the last run of the first day, and then there was this little mishap while trying to figure out if I could video while boarding:

Rather proud of myself as I didn't swear out loud.

Hunter spent most of his time high on the mountain with his friend Chris doing the black diamonds and tougher blue runs, so one of the only pictures I have of him is of the boredom stage in the Bridger Lodge snack bar.

On Monday Luke was determined to go to the top of Pierre's Knob and board down the Blue trail and if he dared down a short Black diamond run called E. So here is the view from the top looking southeast:

So after an incredibly painful 20 minutes inching down a catwalk we arrive at the deciding point: Do we take the Blue or the Black?

He chose Black, and successfully navigated his first Black Diamond run. Not pretty, not fast, but safe, sound, and successful. Good work, Luke!

So despite the illnesses and Tami having to miss out on a couple of days, it was an okay trip.

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