Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Weekend!

Here is a photo of the boys and Will's teacher Christie playing at Madison and Trevor's wedding in May. They were terrific, and many people said so. Difficult to get away from the Mormon missionary look at a formal wedding.

Off to the hinterlands east of Fargo for the weekend to stay at Pat and April's house in Minne-SO-ta. I'll be driving Luke and Will into Fargo Saturday and Sunday for U12 soccer. This is the first tournament of the year for them so they are very excited.

Meanwhile,Tami and Hunter are off to Sioux Falls, S.D. for Hunter's U15 Regional tournament. Their first game Saturday is against Michigan, which is apparently ranked 4th in the nation among U15 teams.The only team Hunter's ever faced at that level of play was when they lost to a team from Northern Ireland at last year's USA Cup in Blaine 4-1, thus becoming the only team to score a goal against them the entire week.

I'll try and file some reports as we go, with photos to follow once we get home.

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