Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Violin Weekend to Remember

So we all took Friday off and headed to Fargo to watch the world famous Midori Goto conduct a master class with four young violinists. She was very attentive and patient and really focused on the players despite their obvious nervousness.

She is a 39 year old Japanese woman who has gone from child prodigy to superstar over the last 25 years. Her personal website has a biography and a blog by her student Moni that talks about their time in Fargo.
All day Saturday the boys participated in "Super String Day" which was run by Midori, Moni, and some of the principal players and the conductor of the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony. The end of the day featured a concert with 500 jr. high violins, viola, and cellos and another 200 Sr. high players.

On Saturday night we attended the symphony concert and watched her play Beethoven's Violin concerto in D Major. Her playing ran the gamut from ferocious to sublime and what mastery of the music and her art. We would have gone to see her again on Sunday afternoon but that show was sold out as well.

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