Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Living Museum

Thursday, April Fool's Day, was "The Day At The Living Museum" for the 6th graders. I had the distinct honor of chauffeuring both a young Winston Churchill and notorious mass murderer and despot Josef Stalin to school.

And there who would we meet? Not one but TWO Jesus Christs, Galileo, Leonardo, John Lennon, and on and on. On the whole most were very well done and the kids knew their characters well.

A certain percentage were "mystery characters" and you could get up to three clues as to the person's identity. I was rolling at 6 for 6 until I met an obviously young Egyptian woman who turned out to be King Tut's wife (and half sister) the ever popular Ankhesenamun. How is that for a trivia stumper.

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