Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Thursday, September 20, 2012


So a couple of weeks have gone by and Century finds themselves in a Virtual 3 way tie with 2 losses (and 1 less game played) and time for the BHS rematch and the real Patriots show up for the first time all year and destroy the Demons 6-0 and it could have been worse.

Hunter had a nice assist on a corner headed in by Jeff Gendreau. He is still seeing limited playing time ( 25 minutes out of 80 typically) but when he is on the offensive end is revitalized and exciting. They have too many players who just coast and expect to get quality shots and aren't working to make those things happen.

In other good news, Luke and Will were informed that they will be traveling to Jamestown Saturday to play on the JV team.  They have been stuck down on one of the developmental teams and playing well, and their coach must have put in a good word for them so they get to travel with Hunter on the bus on Saturday. Yeah!

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