Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Friday, December 27, 2013

Deer blogging?

Sitting in a ground blind (a converted water tank, actually). The 2013 deer bow season is winding down and Luke is finally going to see if his mad target shooting bow skills translate to live deer.
We are hunting courtesy of Wolfman Jack, the last DJ.
Today is much, much warmer than the last three weeks so we can actually sit out here and not risk freezing to death. The main road out here is completely blocked by snow so we travelled cross country through the farmyard, over the (frozen) creek, up the hill and through another gate with major driftage. And then to within a quarter mile of the stand. Walked in and here we sit. The quietest place on the planet, several miles from any cars or occupied farms or highways. Nice country.

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Unknown said...

See any "Raindeer" ?