Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Saturday, September 24, 2005

First Saturday of Autumn

Well, we got through the Bismarck Soccer League Jamboree. The kids play 3 "half-games" and with three boys you can guess how long we were out there. I really think soccer is finally starting to make headway against the traditional American sports uphere in the northland. The place was jam packed with kids and parents, so obviously somebody thinks it is fun.

I see that my old friend Bob R@kfink worked on a batch of home brew this weekend. It was an Ireland style Red Ale, and it makes me thirsty just thinking about it.

I had suggested to him that we get a few other home brewers out there together for an American Oktoberfest late September '06. It would be a great chance for a tasting and a little backyard football or goose/duck opener for those so inclined. I don't know which of you is into brewing (or drinking, for that matter) but it would be a chance to do something really different and fun. Reply in the old comments section if you are interested.

I'm in the busy season at work, and want to get out hunting a few times, and tomorrow may be the last golf game of the season, and who knows what the rest of Fall will hold?


- r@fink said...

What was the game we played in high school gym class? It involved soccer, violence, and general mayhem. Something like sock-be or sock me. Might've been something that Rocky Hager came up with to get his jollies watching us beat the snot out of each other.

ShortyT said...

I believe the game in question was called "Killball" which was really just a variation of dodge ball, but: 1) you were only out if you got hit in the face, 2)there were no boundaries once either side got down to 3 players 3)the final player could be restrained by the opponents, guaranteeing a face shot.
Doesn't that sound like Catholic school, moulder of young minds, and home of Christian virtue????

- r@fink said...

I probably took a "Killball" shot to the area of the head I need to remember. I do remember a student teacher named Harry Dick though.