Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Happy Birthday Dad!

Well, we're down to one more Saturday of soccer and one cross-country meet and then the sports are over for awhile and I can try and get in some hunting.

I see by the calendar that my old Dad is 79 today. The nicest present he got was a bye week for the Vikings. Hope you had a good day.

It was the pheasant opener this weekend which means only 3 1/2 weeks to deer season. I am really excited to get up to the cabin for a long weekend with the guys.

Still trying to figure out how to get up to Minot to see the R@fink and try some of these homebrews of his.

I've had a few thoughts about some of the recent political events, but haven't managed to get them keyboarded in here yet.


- r@fink said...

Happy Birthday Don!
I'd like to give the gift of a running game rather than a bye. You know a gift that keeps on giving.

- r@fink said...

Let me know when you're in town next time Shorty. I'll send a six pack back with ya. Probably a lot better than sluggin' back a few and hitting the highway eh?

NOR said...

Watch out for them Rainier deer, they come out off no where.

Was that a strange commercial or what. I mean "let's drink a lot and drive down the road, and one of those deer will jump out and..."

And, what ever happened to my beer can collection. I had that old Hams pull top I was pretty proud of....

NOR said...

I meant "of"