Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Okay, so I've not been diligent about posting...somebody's got to keep the economy going so our Preznit can continue to spy on "free and brave" American citizens- oh wait, Karl told him to call it terrorist surveillance, which does not give me the same warm fuzzy feeling I got when he said "No Child Left Behind" or "I'm the education Preznit."

Be that as it may, I've survived the Holidays, the family time, and the playoffs. Now it is time to snowboard! But, of course, we have no snow. I've been tracking the snow reports for Red Lodge and Bridger Bowl, and will just have to go on short notice whenever it actually snows. The boys are all outfitted and ready to go, just need a little cooperation from the snow gods.

On the mundane side, several employees have moved on to greener pastures (that is not a slam) but it has meant wading through hundreds of applications, narrowing the field, interviews, rehashing, finally hiring, realizing one of those was (gasp!) a mistake, rehiring....oh, you get the idea. I think I've got it under control but I'm not holding my breath, either. The "well oiled machine" takes a lot of oil, maintenance, and parts.

The Future? Not too long until the summer soccer season starts. I'll be coaching Luke and Will on their U10 team, and Hunter will play with the same team but in the U12 division. No big vacations planned (yet). Not sure if they'll all play baseball, too.

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