Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Monday, March 13, 2006

My most recent flimsy excuse....

This is a true story. About three weeks ago, I went to my cardiologist and got a very good report. Then I decided I should get myself in better shape. 3 days after that I have Pneumonia, and haven't been worth a shit since! I'm finally recovering but a long way from !00%.

In the meantime, I finally got my homebrew catalog from The Northern Brewer, and I'm very excited to get my kit together and do some homebrew.

We did manage another day of snowboarding,but the snow has been crappy (or nonexistent) most of the winter. Maybe next year.

Coaches meeting for Soccer on the 28th. The first tournament in the first weekend of June so lots of work to do. Luke and Will will be playing together for me on the U10 team, and Hunter will play for the Capital City U12 team.

Recently watched the DVD from the BRHS76 20th reunion,and I've been through the website. Nice work y'all. I do have a conflict with the July reunion weekend dates as I'll be in Fargo for the State Soccer tournament Friday thru Sunday.

Which got me thinking...It's time I got my own DVD filled with pix and history and stuff. If I actually get it done I'll send it to Terry. Never let opportunity slip by....

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