Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Other things I forgot...

I recently spent a long weekend in Grand Forks with the family. I was at a continuing education conference for two days and Tami did some stuff with the guys. The highlights of the weekend were:

1. Sunday brunch with Todd and Christie, whom we haven't seen for a couple of years. They are doing well, still teaching and teaching. We are going to try to get together next summer in GF at a soccer tourney and later in Bismarck for some golf.

2. A Prairie Home Companion was live from the Chester Fritz, and Tami and I always love to see and hear Garrison Keillor. Hunter really liked the live music and skits, and Luke and Will both "sorta" liked it.

3. Watched the Fighting Sioux beat Michigan Tech Friday night at the Ralph Engelstad arena. Great venue, even our nosebleed seats were pretty decent. Boys got to see good hockey and experience drunks on the bus ride back to the hotel. (Hunter: "Dad, I'm really glad you only had one beer. Most of these guys are really being stupid.")

4. Family time. Nothing like being cooped up in a motel room and/or a minivan with three grade-school age boys. Tami is nearly recovered.

My friend Cameron from work is interested in homebrewing, too, so maybe I'll have somebody to join forces with since the R@fink continues to live 106 miles away.


- r@fink said...

If you brew they will come.

- r@fink said...

C'mon Shorty, let's get that beer a brewin'. I'm home pretty much every day at noon, so stop by for a sixer.