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Red Rocks

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Good people die everyday....

Got a note today from an old friend saying his Mother had died yesterday. I've already written to him but not sure I said exactly what I wanted (or meant) to say.

This lady's name was Eunice, and she was the classiest, sweetest woman I have ever met. I met her when I was a seventh grader, and I'd never had an adult treat me like she did. She would ask me real questions (politics, religion, stupid teenage-boy stunts, etc.) and then actually listen to my answer. Needless to say, coming from a home where for the most part kids were not supposed to be seen or heard, this was a life-altering event.

She opened my eyes in many ways; she was one of the first women (besides teachers and nuns) I'd ever met who worked outside the home; she was opinionated but open-minded; she taught me how to interact with adults (I was very shy) and also how to interact with kids when I was the adult.

She loved her husband Joe, and she loved her three sons in spite the fact they were all so different from each other. She told me she trusted me to be her son's best friend, and with the exception of a couple of really stupid moments (on my part) her trust was well placed.

I hadn't talked to her for almost a year, but I said my goodbye every time I talked to her. She had been in failing health and struggling with Alzheimers, and a compassionate person could see and hear that she was tired of this life.

I'm reminded of a poem where "the Creator thins the herd" and the last lines are simple:

"What message should we take home from this?
Live every day like it is your last."


Eunice, rest in peace. And thanks for all the love and advice.

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Thomas said...

Sorry to hear about her passing. She was a nice lady. Hey shorty--come on over to my blog and hear me bitch about politics too! All the way from freakin' Korea!