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Red Rocks

Saturday, October 15, 2011

ND State Boys Soccer in Mandan

So the boys got a good nights sleep and showed up ready to play. There really wasn't much doubt as Century scored in the first half on a free kick with Rauhauser scoring. Then in the second half Hunter took a ball from the left wing and pounded it off the post so low and so hard that it bounced off the left post and hit Kessler in the back and went in solid. BHS got all bent out of shape and got no less than 8 cards, most of which were for whining and complaining to the referee after he'd blown the whistle. The Patriots controlled the entire second half and T.J. Gunsch put it away with a breakaway 1 on 1 with Kessler the Bismarck Goalie.

At this point I have to interject on behalf of this young man. His name is Austin Mack and he is the hardest working young man I have encountered for a long time. He is a full time student at Dickinson High School who runs cross-country and track for them, but in the fall he is a soccer machine. Dickinson has no soccer so he petitioned the NDHSAA to coop with a west region school to play soccer. Mandan (quite unwittingly) refused to take him so Century (wisely) said yes. What we have gotten in return is 2 of the finest years of selfless defending one could ever hope to witness. This young man has the best combination of body control, strength, and speed that I have witnessed in 10 years of ND High School soccer. Yeah, somebody beat the keeper and put in three goals, but Austin seriously kicked some ass. He and Matt McArthur took no prisoners when the other teams brought the ball into the house. How about 5-0. 1-0, and 3-0 for the tournament.
"Nuff said.

Here is Hunter picking up his first place trophy after two very disappointing second place finishes in 2009 and 2010.

Also let me say that this team has no bad boys, no whiners, and they all played their hearts out because Joel expected it of them. And don't forget Krista Grey, who as the highest ranking female coach in ND boys Soccer taught these young men more than a thing or two about what being a real man is all about.

And this picture says it all: 20 young men who worked hard, persevered when they were 3-3-0 and ended up marching through the 2011 State tournament unscored upon.

A huge thank you to Coach Joel Jahnke and his assistant Krista. For the record, Joel's record as head coach of Century is extraordinary: His teams have finished 1st, 5th, 2nd, 2nd, and 1st in state during his tenure. He accomplished this with 4 seniors in 2010, and 3 Seniors in 2011. Hint: The entire state of North Dakota should be doing something to try and derail the Century TRAIN. I can't believe that anybody with any sense isn't picking Century to repeat in 2012.

And here is Hunter's goal in the 2011 Championship game.

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