Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Friday, October 14, 2011

Semifinal Day at the NDHSBSST

Century got the 5:00 game against St. Mary's and a weird one it was. Century scored on a free kick about 2 minutes in and that was it. You read that correctly, another 78 minutes of soccer with no more scoring. Century controlled the ball, set the tone, and got most of the shots despite St. Mary's having a goal disallowed for an offensive foul in the box. Meanwhile, the temporary "Papa's Pumpkin Patch set up near the speedway grandstand started on fire. It took the Mandan Fire Dept. a good 25 minutes to respond and then the thing smoldered for the rest of the game.

2nd semi was the Bismarck High School Demons (many of whom are Hunter's old teammates from Capital City Soccer) who got off to a poor start, allowing Fargo Shanley to score twice in the first 10 minutes. After that, however, it was all Bismarck as they scored twice in the first half to tie it, and the game winner with 20 minutes left. Fargo Shanley has some really talented players and are well coached but the "flops" got old fast and by the second half the referee was not willing to call any foul that had resulted in a Shanley player on the ground. Reap what you sow....

Tomorrow St. Mary's gets another shot at Shanley (they tied tied the only other time they played) and then the big one is CHS vs. BHS at 3:00. On paper Century is the much better team, but BHS has the 12 Senior vs. The CHS 3 Seniors (none of whom are in the top 5 Century players.)

We have lots of fans coming to the game: Grandma Bonnie is already here, Auntie Susan and kids are coming, Uncle Tom if he gets back from Glendive or Dilworth in time, Uncle Mike and Aunt Shelly were at the game tonight and will be there tomorrow.

We're trying to break a little jinx here tomorrow. Neither Mike nor I ever won a state championship, Joe got 2nd twice in soccer and went to state 2-3 time in hockey, and now Hunter has taken second place twice in soccer as well. Could this be the year that a Towle finally plays on a State Championship team? Stay tuned tomorrow.

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