Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Monday, September 02, 2013

So Planet goes off to college

The fateful day has come and gone. Dropped him off in some staggering heat, met the roommate and family, went to the ceremony, tearful goodbyes. Earthgirl took it particularly hard and has slowly been adjusting to an emptier nest.

However, due to the modern world, we have been able to facetime and text message most days. He is really liking his classes and found out last Wednesday that he is the Concertmaster for the Concordia College Orchestra. We are very proud and super excited for him. They have an SD, MT, ND concert tour in late October so we'll get a chance to see them play.

Luke and Will have really made the adjustment to Century HS very well. They are liking most of their classes and teachers, and are playing soccer on the Varsity Reserve. More updates as they come in.

Now that's something to celebrate!

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