Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Monday, October 07, 2013

"...just give me one extra season, so I can figure out the other four." John Prine

Having some trouble keeping up with all the stuff. Busy with work and family, everybody really busy. Didn't post on Mentahnas or Varsity Reserve soccer, or Hunter's recent master class, or the fact that the basement is 99% done except for the furnishing. My 3 car garage is still a one car garage and I do not want to put much of that back in the basement.

Oh let's see... a month ago we got hailed out and the check from insurance company won't pay half of the bill... this weekend we got big wet heavy snow but only 3-4 inches and not the 18" they got in Hettinger, ND. The Republicans in Congress really are trying to drown the government in the bathtub, and my place of work just celebrated its 40th year of existence; I have been present for the last 22.

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