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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Planet changes Orbit...

The first concert of the year at Concordia and it is aptly named the Homecoming Concert. Football team got rocked by Div III #5 in the nation Bethel College, so the highlight of the weekend may have been the concert.

Concordia livestreams these events so we watched it huddled around the iMac. I have Apple TV but it appears the signal is too weak over WiFi to carry consistently to the new TV room in the basement using airplay. I will work on that.

For background, Hunter is a Regent's Scholar at Concordia, and an Honors Program Chemistry major, but has a little side gig as the Concertmaster of the Orchestra. There was a nice article about him in the first issue of the school year's student newspaper The Concordian. You can copy and paste a link to that here:

So last night (after learning that his soccer mates who are still in high school had continued Century's state soccer domination for another year) he prepared for his first ever Concordia College Orchestra Concert.

Parking lot pre-concert

He has a snazzy tux (black bow tie instead of funky plaid Concordia colors bowties on the Band men, What's up with that Dr. Beyers?) and looked a little more tense before the concert than after.

He said it went well (A Copland piece from Rodeo followed by the big finish to Dvorak's New World Symphony) despite the fact that halfway through the Dvorak his "A" string unravels and when he tries to tighten it or move it out of his way, the peg simply falls out on the floor. Being the player he is he finishes out the piece sans string but plays all the other notes. He said only a couple of other principal players (cello and viola) even noticed and you can see them laughing about it in front of the director's podium after the concert. I don't think the concert is uploaded to youtube yet, but I will post a link if I find one.

Mr. Relaxation after the concert

A trip to the violin shop in Fargo is in order.

The big Fall Orchestra Concert Tour starts Oct. 26th in Sioux Falls and ends with the home concert Nov. 3rd in Moorhead. Stops in Rapid City, Bozeman, Helena, Great Falls, Billings, and Bismarck. The Bismarck concert is at The Belle Mehus Auditorium at 7:30 November 2nd.

8 concerts (and a lot of miles!) in 9 days.

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