Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Monday, October 08, 2012

A week to end all weeks (One week to rule them all....)

Whew! Poor Hunter. In addition to maintaining his position as co-valedictorian, Wednesday was the CHS Homecoming coronation. Hunter made the cut of 10 but the King was his good friend Jeff Gendreau, another soccer player and 4.0 student. Thursday night was none other than the Mr. CHS pageant, which Hunter won by his combination of terrific costumes (Thanks Earthgirl!) his awesome fiddling, and his snappy comebacks to stupid questions ("How would you describe your love?" Hunter: "My love is like diarrhea - I just can't hold it in.")

On Saturday, the Patriots played the Demons in Mandan for the West Region Championship. We scored 26 seconds in and the final was 3-1 with the BHS goal being very questionable as a defender kicked the ball off the line (in soccer the entire ball has to cross the goal line as opposed to American football where you only have to break the plane. As an aside: Why is it called a touchdown if you don't have to actually place the ball on the ground while under your control? Just sayin'.

Anyway, Hunter was named to the All-Tournament team, which is a bit of a misnomer since they don't have a true tournament as the #1 and #2 seeds meet in the championship based on the regular season record, so the award was more for his season, and considering the limited playing time he's seen this year, it was more of a lifetime achievement award. I think the West Region coaches were sending his coach a message as in "Why the hell does this terrific player play only 30 minutes a game?"

Here are a couple of candids, and remember that this makes 4 #1 seeds in a row for Century>

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