Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Friday, October 05, 2012

Soccer, soccer, and more soccer...

As freshmen, Luke and Will had very little chance of making either the Varsity or Varsity reserve teams since Century has such depth. Bismarck Public Schools also has a no-cut policy so there are quite a few Juniors and Seniors who want to play but who can't make the top two teams either. This leads to two "developmental teams", one of which is primarily freshmen and sophomores and the other the older players.

Because many of the older players know L&W through Hunter they were invited to play on that team and I think they not only had a lot of fun but learned a lot about being part of a team and working hard while you are in the game. Final result: undefeated season. Many, many goals, and both boys had a lot of success, Luke scoring a number of goals from the midfield, and Will getting a couple of goals but many assists on free kicks. Photos to follow!

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