Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Two down, One to go....

Sorry no great pictures tonight. Earthgirl has not used the new camera under the lights so didn't try.  

A pretty cool night just under 50 degrees. We had a late start as the Shanley/Fargo South game went 2 overtimes and a shootout until Shanley emerged with a 3-1 shootout win after a 1-1 100 minutes. Century had the 20+ mph wind at their backs and put unrelenting pressure on West Fargo but only managed 1 goal. For the better part of the 2nd half Century continued to control and push the ball but could not score against the wind. Eventually they went into super defense mode and ran out the clock.

Hunter played 13 minutes of the first half and was energizing, and put in 10 tough minutes chasing the ball while we ran out the clock. I honestly believe he is not disappointed in his playing time - he has accepted that he is seen as a role player and shows up every game and gives it all he's got. Damn fun to watch If I say so myself.

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