Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Monday, November 09, 2009

Goose Festival (and Deer opener)

That is the sound of 50,000 snow geese, most on the ground out of sight and the rest circling above deciding if they should land and feed or move to another site.

This is a "raft" of umpteen geese on the south end of Lake Darling. This was taken right before noon so these had probably been out feeding most of the night and then flew back to the refuge for a nap. The rest were out looking for food and trying to not get shot.

Hunter and I went up to Kenmare Thursday night, and goose and deer hunted on our own on Friday, and then spent Saturday and Sunday with Tom, Grant, Trevor, and Ethan. We ate really well, and spent a lots of our time outdoors. It was actually hot on Friday to the tune of 73 degrees, so not at all unhappy we didn't get one then.

Hunter passed on three different does (too small didja say?) and I took three shots at a big buck from at least 600 yards- needless to stay he strolled back into the coulee unharmed.

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