Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Sunday, November 01, 2009


So for Halloween we got terrific tickets to see Garrison Keillor and "A Prairie Home Companion" live from the Bismarck Civic Center

The gangster boys with Fred Newman the sound effects guy- and their favorite part of the show.

If you've never seen "A Prairie Home Companion" I would highly recommend it. The music is usually great, the monologues are often extraordinary storytelling, and you get to see the "real" show and get a behind the scenes look at a live radio production.

Tami worked support for the show (giving rides between airport and hotel, hotel and show, errands to the grocery store, etc.) She also became friends with the show's Tour Manager, who let us sit backstage (on the Stage, actually) for the 2 hour Halloween party after the broadcast. We sat near the drummer and the "BOX" for the Hammond organ which you can see in the second picture above.

Hunter went as Governor Rod Blagojevich - the hair was pretty sweet - and I went as a fat guy in an orange shirt.
We had a really great time to the point where a 12 year-old said "This is the best Halloween ever!" despite no trick-or-treating sugar rush.

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