Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy 75th Birthday!

My Mom turned 75 on Thursday, November 12th.

She was born during The Great Depression, and grew up on a little farm between Wing and McClusky North Dakota with her seven sibs.

She spent most of high school at St. Mary's, then graduated from Wing. She moved to Jamestown and worked in the Farmer's Union state office, which is where she met Don.

The rest, as they say, is history. She retired recently (yes, really) and just decided to sell her house - home for 45 years - and move into a condo near the KXMC-TV tower up on south hill.

Pat volunteered to coordinate a birthday party and we all made it. Poolside at the International Inn or whatever its called now, the little kids swam and ate and the big boys (and men) watched Bismarck High win their second straight AAA football championship.

Lots of Mom's friends from work and bingo made it for beers and food, as well as some of the in-laws. Amanda and John were there with friends so a good time was had by many.

Last but not least, Bob the R@kfink and wife Nancy were there. Great to see and talk to you two! I will try and pick up the phone and/or e-mail you next time we head to the magic city.

I took a little friendly ribbing for leaving early for deer hunting at the Huff farm. As this picture shows the deerslayer (and his Dad) were up to the task.

We were in the same elevated deer stand, and had seen a few does and fawns and one little buck. I decided to wait as we had about 40 minutes left in shooting time. This on walked in at 5:08 P.M. and I put a single shot through his chest. He ran about 75 yards up the fenceline and died. Since Hunter still had 36 minutes left and my deer was out of the way I quickly got down and headed for the cabin to get the truck and necessities. There was another Hunter about 3/4 of a mile to the south of us so I didn't want to drive in and mess up his last few minutes so I sat in my truck at the corner until 5:45 (one minute past legal shooting). I thought I heard a shot a long way off but I had the windows up (26 degrees) but as I was driving out to the stand Hunter texted me that he had a deer down as well. Some does had shown up almost under his stand so he made a little noise and they ran off but stopped 150 yards away. He picked out the biggest one and dropped her with a single shot to her heart and lungs.

Grant was driving home from duck hunting and saw the lights in the field so he came and helped us load them up and then coached Hunter through his first field dressing of a deer.

I'm working at the State Penitentiary tomorrow, but should be home by 1:00 or so and will take them in to West Dakota Meats for processing. There will be lots of venison country style sausage, pepper sticks and jerky for the next year.

Stop on by and we'll have a treat.

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- r@fink said...

It was great to see the Towle clan and share a few chuckles. Thanks for that and baking the best cookies we ever tasted. Cheers! Stop in anytime to sample whats on tap!