Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Friends Al & Jude and daughter's Livia and Tova flew in from Forest Grove, OR to spend a week with us on the prairie. On Sunday we drove up to Cross Ranch State Park and hiked along the River for 5-6 miles, then drove up to the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center in Washburn to see the museum and the Karl Bodmer watercolors. A great day!

On Monday Tami took them up to the Huff cabin near Kenmare. Again, lots of hiking and exploring. Did I remember to mention that the weather was as nice as I've ever seen in November?

Wednesday was mostly groceries and getting ready for Thanksgiving. On Thursday morning Hunter and I jogged 5 miles near the river, and we did it again on Friday.
Sadly, Saturday they had to leave so we made a run out to Ft. Abraham Lincoln State Park to go through an earthlodge and the blockhouses.

Saturday was tear down the soccer goal and bring out the Christmas tree and decorations. Pheasant hunting Sunday morning with Cameron. Our first stop was walked well but no birds, and the second stop yielded these five:

Brought them home and cooked them up as pheasant puffs (nuggets). Very tasty.
Finally, we got most of the Christmas lights up so we're ready for snow.
Back to wotk and school and try to get ready for Christmas.

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